Positive Autism only!

Positive Autism only!

So as a mum of a little boy who has autism, the Internet has to be one of the most depressing places to get information re autism. It seems everywhere you turn asd is spoken about in such a negative way. Now I’m not saying that as parents we won’t face many challenges parenting our special baby’s, there’s been many of days I’ve cried, felt lost, alone, frustrated, guilty, fed up and just at the end of my tether, but…. What I have noticed from these type of days is nothing good comes from it not for us and not for our children.

I only get stuff don’t when I’m being pro active, positive and focused. I don’t want to be surrounded by negative thoughts about autism or listening to how hard and awful parenting ASD children is. I want to see a change. I want people to know it is not all doom and gloom, far from it! My little boy has to be one of the funniest, querky 3 year old out there. He speaks in a russian/American accent even though he is from the UK. He speaks about him self in the third person. He climbed on his dad’s lap today put his bum in his face and farted and killed him self laughing after so did I and so did his Dad. Its hallarious. He is possibly one of the rudest people I have ever met (I mean this in the most loving and humourous way, just for the people that might actually think I dislike my own son lol) . Going as far as pushing your face out of his way with his hand if you dare to enter his space to ask him a question while he is watching his programmes on tv, no eye contact no engagement just a blatant purposful hand shove to the face! Surely you have to find the humour in a 3 year old as rude as this lol.

He is most definitely mostly full of playfulness and typical cheeky 3 year old mischief.

Now we could get enraged and say that’s rude, he won’t listen, he is naughty. Again this is not going to stop him doing this. Autism is a social disability and they have their whole lives to grasp that this behaviour could be slightly frowned upon come their 20s when they shove their boss’s face out of the way when he asks them to stay at work and do overtime every weekend because suzy sick note hasn’t turned up again. Or maybe these behaviours will go on to be a blessing in disguise. I know there’s been many a times I’ve said yes to something which inside I’m so angry at my self for saying yes. When maybe a simple face push would of stopped me feeling so shit that I’ve now yet again agreed to work my 8th weekend on the trot!

He thinks of him self as a real comedian. Running about laughing with his pants on his head.

So no matter what the situation, my blogs will be positive. We all need more positivity in our lives and I want to see more positive stuff about autism. 2020 will be an autism positive year. Lots of fun ideas fun posts and informative information.

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