My name is Sarah McGlen i’m 31, I have a 3 year old beautiful boy who has a diagnosis of ASD. It’s been the most life changing experience of my whole life. from beginning to end.

My little boy was given to me for a reason. My life has just begun and this is snippets into our life with a beautiful little boy who has changed my world forever and this is our story of the highs the lows the trials and tribulations and the pure joy he has brought into my life.

I am so passionate about autistic children. so much so i had to start this blog so i can teach the world about our children’s struggles, the milestones, the battles for support and the terrible ignorance of people regarding autism and the stigmas that go with it.

we will be their voice and their advocate because we are the only people in the world who know what they truly need, and no one who tries to stand in our way will stop us..

so lets begin this story together

What People Say

The attention and environment you provide shapes your childs brain development for life.

Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.

Albert Einstein

There is a boy with autism who has taught me more about life then anyone in the whole wide world ever will.

Let’s go on this journey together.